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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Horticulture

Horticulture Innovation Lab media: Newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures

Please scroll below to find Horticulture Innovation Lab promotional materials, flyers and fact sheets.

This page has general program fact sheets, fact sheets by region, fact sheets by technology, as well as one-page success stories, and archived fact sheets. This page also includes archived newsletters, annual reports and conference posters.

Looking for media contacts? Please contact our communications team for media inquiries.

Flyers, fact sheets and promotional materials

brochure thumbnail
Horticulture Innovation Lab brochure

This six-panel brochure is designed to fold down to 8.5 x 11 inches. Unfolded, it is 25.5 x 11 inches and so is not intended to be replicated on office printers. Please contact us if you would like copies to use or share at events.

Read online version (PDF)

poverty thumbnail
The Promise of Horticulture for Poverty Reduction

Why growing fruits and vegetables matters: What horticulture can do and what it needs (PDF)
Horticulture can enrich diets and improve incomes, but it needs gender equity, technological innovation and access to information and research capacity. These are important themes and goals of the Horticulture Innovation Lab.

Small file to read online / Larger, print-quality file (PDF)

partners organizations thumbnail
Partners, researchers and organizations

Horticulture Innovation Lab collaborates with top scientists (PDF)
This two-sided fact sheet includes our principal investigators (PIs) from U.S. universities on one side and lists our partner organizations on the other.

Trellis projects thumbnail
Trellis Fund projects

Engaging U.S. graduate students in international development (PDF)
This two-sided fact sheet introduces the Trellis Fund and how it works on one side, with a list of our current Trellis projects on the other.

innovative horticultural technologies thumbnail
Technologies overview

Innovative technologies for horticultural development (PDF)
Also see individual technology fact sheets, below

how horticulture impacts nutrition thumbnail
Horticulture + Nutrition

Why growing fruits and vegetables matters: How horticultural crops can improve nutrition (PDF)
Eating fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy, diverse diet. Horticultural crops can improve nutrition and can be used to address the double burden of malnutrition.

Large file / Small file (PDF)

Fact sheets by region

Horticulture Innovation Lab in Central America
Horticulture Innovation Lab in Central America

See also Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Center at Zamorano

Both also available in Spanish:

Horticulture Innovation Lab in Asia
Horticulture Innovation Lab in Asia

See also Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Center at Kasetsart University

Horticulture Innovation Lab in East Africa
Horticulture Innovation Lab in East Africa
Horticulture Innovation Lab in Southern Africa
Horticulture Innovation Lab in Southern Africa
Horticulture Innovation Lab in Western Africa
Horticulture Innovation Lab in Western Africa
Project narratives by region/country

Fact sheets by technology

Print all 9 individual technology sheets in English (3 MB PDF)

thumb: CoolBot for postharvest cooling
CoolBot provides inexpensive, effective cooling

Also in Spanish: El CoolBot ofrece una efectiva refrigeración a un bajo costo

See also: How one farmer's invention is reducing food waste

thumb: drying beads for seed storage
Drying beads save high quality seeds

Also in Spanish: Las perlas de secado para el almacenamiento de semillas de alta calidad

See also: ‘Dry chain’ partnership helps farmers store seed better

thumb: solar chimney dryer
Solar drying adds value to crop surplus

Also in Spanish: El secado solar añade valor a los excedentes de cultivos

thumb: solar chimney dryer
New, low-cost indicator of food dryness: DryCard™


thumb: nets for pest management
Pest-exclusion nets protect crops to boost yield

Also in Spanish: Las mallas anti-insectos protegen los cultivos para aumentar el rendimiento

See also: Mosquito net co partners with researchers against ag pests

thumb: conservation agriculture fact sheet
Growing vegetables with conservation agriculture

Also in Spanish: Cultivo de hortalizas con la agricultura de conservación

See also: Reducing drudgery, improving soil for vegetable farmers

thumb: vegetable grafting fact sheet
Vegetable grafting increases yield, business opportunities

Also in Spanish: Hortalizas injertadas aumenta el rendimiento

thumb: solar irrigation pumps
Solar pumps improve irrigation options for farmers

Also in Spanish: Bombas solares que incrementan las opciones para los agricultores

thumb: facilitated solarization weed control
Facilitated solarization reduces weeds, pests in a week
technologies thumbnail
See also: Technologies overview or Technologies posters

Innovative technologies for horticultural development (PDF)
This sheet includes brief overviews of the CoolBot, nets, and drying beads.

Three simple posters about technologies (19 MB PDF)
CoolBot, drying beads and nets, 17 x 23"

Success stories

Print all 13 success stories (10 MB PDF)

success story postharvest thumbnail
Postharvest Training and Services Center
success story ag nets thumbnail
Public-private partnerships and AgroNets
success story AIVs thumbnail
Nutrition and African indigenous vegetables
success story CoolBot thumbnail
Partnership with the CoolBot inventor
success Trellis UF student in Ghana
Trellis project: UF student in Ghana
success inventing and scaling the DryCard
DryCard invention and scaling
success postharvest training in Tanzania
Postharvest training in Tanzania
success story about Cambodia farmers marketing thumbnail
Marketing, postharvest practices help farmers succeed with conservation agriculture
success story conservation ag thumbnail
Natural resource management and conservation agriculture with vegetables
success scaling up the drying beads and dry chain in Bangladesh
Scaling up drying beads and the dry chain
success dry chain for seeds thumbnail
Drying beads and public-private partnerships
success d-lab at zamorano thumbnail
D-Lab courses at Zamorano and Kasetsart universities
success sweetpotato thumbnail
Orange-fleshed sweet potato in Ghana

Archived fact sheets

projects in value chain thumbnail
Projects overview

Projects span the value chain (PDF)

centers of innovation thumbnail
Centers overview

Regional Centers of Innovation (PDF)
See individual center fact sheets, below

postharvest thumbnail
Postharvest Technology in the Developing World
Feed the Future flyer thumbnail
Feed the Future and Horticulture CRSP
project list thumbnail
Project list

Ongoing and completed projects table (PDF)

Archived newsletters

View our current email newsletters.

Newsletter January 2013 cover

Annual reports

Horticulture Innovation Lab 2016-2017 annual report cover
Annual Report 2016-2017 Highlights

(8 MB PDF)

Horticulture Innovation Lab annual report 2016 cover
Annual Report 2015-2016

(3 MB PDF)

Horticulture Innovation Lab 2014-2015 annual report cover
Annual Report 2014-2015

(2.7 MB PDF)

Horticulture Innovation Lab 2013 annual report 2014 cover
Annual Report 2013-2014

(2.6 MB PDF)

Horticulture CRSP 2012 annual report 2013 cover
Annual Report 2012-2013

(9.9 MB PDF)

Horticulture CRSP 2011 annual report 2012 cover
Annual Report 2011-2012

(5 MB PDF)

Horticulture CRSP 2010 annual report cover
Annual Report 2010-2011

(1.2 MB PDF)

Hort CRSP 2009 annual report cover
Annual Report 2009-2010

(4.1 MB PDF)


Horticulture Innovation Lab posters

Hort CRSP posters