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Introducing Horticulture CRSP
Immediate Impact Projects Begin
Program Council Named
Immediate Impact Projects - By the Numbers
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Horticulture CRSP Team

Introducing Horticulture CRSP

The US Agency for International Development has provided funds to support research
into issues affecting horticultural production and marketing in the developing world,
following the recommendations of the Global Horticulture Assessment. 

Priority Issues: Sustainable Crop Production, Postharvest Technology, Food Safety,
Market Access, and Financing

Themes: Information Accessibility, Technology Innovation, and Gender Equity

• Improved national capacity of developing countries to support the poor through enhanced
horticultural systems
• Improved food security, nutrition, and human health
• Improved and diversified incomes

Immediate Impact Projects Begin

Horticulture CRSP has awarded nearly $2 million in funding to 15 Immediate Impact Projects (IIPs). The IIPs offer Horticulture CRSP and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to quickly fund short-term projects. Designed to be “shovel-ready”, the successful projects are funded for one-year beginning February 1, 2010.

Projects range in focus from food safety to postharvest issues and encompass a wide variety of horticultural crops including spices, potatoes, cacao, leafy green vegetables, papaya, and tomatoes. Principal investigators represent ten U.S. universities and a range of expertise. Projects include improving market access for rooibos tea farmers, introducing new technologies for cold storage for small-scale farmers, developing new drying and storage techniques, and advancing nutrition through fruit and vegetable promotion. Projects will span the globe from Ghana to Honduras to Sri Lanka.

Horticulture CRSP received over 180 pre-proposals. Proposals were reviewed by the Program Council and outside, anonymous reviewers and were selected for funding based on scientific merit, their ability to impact developing country needs, participation from international universities and organizations, commitment to gender equity, and project evaluation. Successful proposals were consistent with Horticulture CRSP objectives and priority issues.

“The level of interest in the IIP process is amazing. It is exciting to see the number of horticultural scientists interested in development work and in many cases already actively engaged in this area. We are looking forward to the impact these initial 15 projects will make in the lives of the rural poor.” says Associate Director and IIP Chair Elizabeth Mitcham.

The varied projects guarantee that the Horticulture CRSP will make an immediate impact with its funding from USAID and ensures that research and education activities take place in developing countries throughout the entire CRSP project period.

Some Immediate Impact Projects include postharvest issues.

Program Council Named

The management team of Horticulture CRSP has assembled a Program Council to guide activities until
the International Administrative Board is appointed. The members of the Program Council will augment
Horticulture CRSP with a diversity of scientific expertise and international experience, and help lead the
program through the complexities of scientific research and international development. They will also
ensure that the results of Horticulture CRSP reflect its original mission and objectives.

The members of the Program Council have three main duties. 
• Select and recommend the appropriate Immediate Impact Projects (IIPs).
• Counsel the director on technical and management issues that concern the implementation of the IIPs.
• Appoint the members of an International Administrative Board (IAB) that will take over the roles and
responsibilities of the Program Council. The IAB will ensure the long-term focus and results of Horticulture
CRSP. Approximately four members of the Program Council will be appointed to the IAB to maintain continuity.

The Program Council members have been selected based on their horticultural expertise and international
experience. The four members of the Horticulture CRSP’s management team will also participate as ex-officio
members on the council.

The Program Council members are Elizabeth Mitcham (Chair), Ron Voss, Mark Bell, Michael Reid, Diane Barrett,
Alan Bennett, Patrick Brown, Adel Kader, and Steve Brush from University of California, Davis, George Wilson
from North Carolina State University, Robert E. Paull of University of Hawaii at Manoa, and K.V. Raman from
Cornell University.

By the numbers:

• 15 projects
• 10 institutions
• 8 projects in Africa
• 4 projects in Central America
• 2 projects in South Asia
• 1 project in multiple regions
• Nearly $2 million awarded!



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