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Horticulture CRSP Projects in Action

Sustainable Production and Marketing of Vegetables in Central America
---- James Nienhuis, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Families in the Morazon region of El Salvador are growing vegetables for the first time, marketing the excess, and providing extra income for their families.

Archived Newsletter - June 2010

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Request for Proposals

Proposals for One-Year Exploratory Projects - Due July 1, 2010
Grants funded by the Horticulture CRSP require the participation of Principal Investigators from a qualified US university or universities, and colleagues from Universities, Government or Private Institutions, and/or NGOs in target countries in the developing world. We recognize that many researchers in the U.S. and in developing countries have the interest and capability to conduct appropriate research and training programs, but have not developed the teams or the background information that would ensure success in an application for a Pilot Project (the major grants funded by the Horticulture CRSP). The intent of the Horticulture CRSP Exploratory Projects is to provide funding that will encourage formation of such teams and the acquisition of background or preliminary information, or proof of concept(s) that can provide the basis for a competitive Pilot Project application. Exploratory Projects will be funded for one year, from October 1, 2010 to September 30 2011. Approximately $750,000 will be devoted to the Exploratory Project Award program. The maximum amount awarded per project will be $75,000.

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Reviewers Needed

Horticulture CRSP is looking for reviewers for proposals. If you are interested in reviewing proposals, please email and indicate your name institution/organization email address your expertise in the following areas: Market Systems, Postharvest Systems and Food Safety, Sustainable Production Systems, Capacity Building, Enabling Environment (policy, finance, infrastructure, etc), Gender and Horticultural Development, and Nutrition and Human Health.

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Inception Workshop

The Horticulture CRSP held its Inception Workshop, May 16-18, 2010, in Singapore. Ninety five participants from 34 countries around the world joined the Hort CRSP Management Team in a lively discussion about the potential for horticulture development to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods around the world. Participants debated and evaluated the highest priorities and most effective approaches to achieve these goals. Highlights from the program included an inspiring keynote address by James Simon from Rutgers University, “Enterprise development in rural areas – the case for high value horticulture”, which kicked off the workshop. Robert Paull from the University of Hawaii at Manoa provided an overview of the Global Horticulture Assessment that served as the foundation for the development of the Horticulture CRSP, George Wilson from North Carolina State University provided an overview of USAID’s new Food Security program, and Gloria Androa of Reach Your Destiny, LTD presented the challenges for women and other disadvantaged groups to become effectively engaged in horticultural activities.

Throughout the workshop, the Horticulture CRSP Management Team presented details of our new CRSP program objectives and priorities, themes, upcoming activities, and opportunities for funding. The workshop ended on a positive note with presentations of successful horticulture development activities by Robert Holmer of AVRDC, Lisa Kitinoja, Private Consultant, and Bertha Mjawa from the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives in Tanzania. The nearly 100 participants continuously networked with each other to develop new informal and formal relationships, including partnerships and collaboration for Hort CRSP Pilot and Exploratory Projects, for which the RFP’s were announced during the Inception Workshop. Thirty-five posters describing the 15 current Hort CRSP Immediate Impact Projects and numerous other projects and organizations provided a natural forum for many of these informal discussions.

The Horticulture CRSP Management Team would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Shirley Lim and her staff at the National Institute of Education at Nangyang Technical University for hosting the workshop in short notice after the venue was changed due to the unrest in Thailand. We would also like to sincerely thank Dr. Poonpipope Kasemsap and his colleagues at Kasetsart University in Thailand who worked several months with us to plan the workshop at Kasetsart University, and graciously assisted us to find a fantastic facility and cooperator in Singapore when it became clear we needed to move the venue. Finally, hats off to our fantastic staff at Horticulture CRSP, particularly Diana Puccetti, Events Planner, who worked tirelessly to achieve a successful workshop for all participants. ---Elizabeth Mitcham, Associate Director

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Mapping Worldwide Horticulture Development Projects

Horticulture CRSP and The Global Horticulture Initiative are mapping horticultural development projects in order to populate an online resource that enables funding agencies and project creators to learn about existing projects, find potential linkages and identify areas of need. The maps can be found at

The maps of current projects will enable donors, researchers and development workers to find out who is active, build collaborations and create complementary projects. The maps of completed projects will provide a better understanding of what work has been done in a given country or region. The intent is not only to provide an overview, but also to enable users to access detailed information on individual projects, seek out past project implementers and learn about what worked and what did not. Please help us improve this resource by sending us information about your horticultural projects in the developing world.

Please visit and fill out our short survey for each of your horticultural projects. --- Peter C. Shapland, Graduate Research Assistant

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Horticulture CRSP Creates International Advisory Board

Horticulture CRSP has named members of its International Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB will be the senior advisory council to the Horticulture CRSP.

The IAB will appoint the technical review panels for Horticulture CRSP projects and review the panels’ recommendations to ensure that Horticulture CRSP priorities are met and integrated for maximum effectiveness. The IAB will help set priorities, allocate the budget, and ensure that USAID, Global Horticulture Assessment and Horticulture CRSP objectives are met.

The IAB held its first meeting on May 19, 2010 after the Horticulture CRSP Inception Workshop in Singapore.

“The Horticulture CRSP Management Entity is happy to add this group of highly qualified, diverse and enthusiastic individuals to our team,” Director Ron Voss notes. “The board completes the management team committed to the goal of reducing poverty and hunger through horticulture.”

To learn more about the board members, visit

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