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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Horticulture

Promoting drip irrigation and climate resilience

Guatemala: Mas Riego

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Project Title: MásRiego (More Irrigation)

Target Country: Guatemala

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Mitcham, UC Davis*

*Note: This project is a $3.4 million buy-in from USAID/Guatemala, managed by the Horticulture Innovation Lab.


Project description

The MásRiego project will develop and implement a holistic, business-driven solution to result in wider availability of drip irrigation, conservation agriculture and improved water management, while addressing social inclusion, capacity, and asset building for all community members, especially women and youth, in Feed the Future areas of Guatemala.

Global climate change predictions expect future rainfall will be more variable, presenting traditional rainfed agriculture with "out of season" rains and other water management challenges. As competition increases for less water, practices such as conservation agriculture, rainwater harvesting, and drip irrigation will become more important and sought after by smallholder producers.

This project will increase the use of drip irrigation, conservation agriculture and rainwater harvesting practices, where appropriate, in smallholder vegetable production systems. These practices will produce vegetable crops for market and home consumption, while conserving natural resources upon which sustained crop production depends.

Through these techniques, we expect to increase household horticultural production and increase incomes. This project will enable smallholder farmers and youth to earn income from producing high-value horticultural crops in the face of climate change and changing rainfall patterns.


  1. To promote the private sector development in the horticulture sector and promote small-scale commercial horticulture production through the increased use of drip irrigation, conservation agriculture and rainwater harvest practices in the USAID Feed the Future zone of influence.
  2. Develop the capacity of project actors, implementers and beneficiaries, and additional Feed the Future projects in implementing climate change resiliency strategies.

This project builds upon these related activities:

Updates and more information

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