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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Horticulture

Reducing postharvest losses in Rwanda

Project Title: Assessment of Postharvest Constraints and Testing of Interventions in Horticulture Value Chains in Rwanda

Target Country: Rwanda

Principal Investigator: Gurbinder Singh Gill, Agribusiness Associates

Co-Principal Investigators:

Project Description

The Rwandan National Horticulture Strategy (Dec 2014) estimates that 1 million rural households in Rwanda grow horticultural commodities, "principally for home use and sale. For most rural households, home-produced fruits and vegetables provide an important source of the micro-nutrients necessary for a healthy balanced diet.”

While simple approaches exist to reduce postharvest losses such as improved handling of horticultural crops, there is no one isolated intervention that has proven effective at mitigating this issue. Postharvest management is a systems-based challenge and requires an integrated innovation strategy that incorporates technological and financial innovations, capacity building across the value chain, enhanced market access and other elements to achieve impact at scale.

This project aims to understand and identify the most efficient ways to reduce postharvest losses in Rwanda, to ultimately increase food security. Overall, the project's work in postharvest innovations and interventions will help farmers and agribusiness enterprises gain better return on investments by adopting appropriate technology and reducing postharvest losses. The project is organized around three main objectives:


This project borrows some ideas from an earlier, completed project: