Branding, logos and other information for current PIs

Looking for documents, logos, forms or other information? 

Are you currently a researcher working with the Horticulture Innovation Lab?

We have moved all of our travel and reporting processes into our new online database system, including travel pre-approval requests, trip reports, annual reporting, semi-annual reporting, training reporting and reimbursements.

The system also includes communications information about required branding, logos, disclaimers and the Horticulture Innovation Lab "logo block." If you are looking for logo information, you may also be interested in communications guidance for branding, photos, videos, and other activities.

Current principal investigators with the Horticulture Innovation Lab should have access to our database system. If you have any questions about accessing this system, please use the "Help" request on the database website to get support or for troubleshooting.

Further questions can be shared with Thank you!