‘Local’ inspiration from half a world away

Posted on April 22, 2015

An entomology researcher in North Carolina. A program coordinator in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A social change specialist in Washington, D.C. A banana expert in Hawaii. A project evaluator in Ghana.

Visiting Tanzania: Postharvest Training and Services Center

Posted on April 01, 2015
Graduate student researcher Elyssa Lewis and I were invited to observe a refresher training course in Tanzania with the World Food Logistics Organization and the TOPS Program. The visit included evaluation of a project that trained experts in postharvest handling and established a Postharvest Training and Services Center.

How drying beads work, in a new SciDev.Net video

Posted on March 19, 2015

Reporter Giovanni Ortolani visited with Horticulture Innovation Lab partners in Bangkok, Thailand, recently to learn about how farmers in humid climates can better save seed using drying beads.

Five more years for the Horticulture Innovation Lab

Posted on October 18, 2014
A new $18.75 million grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development will boost international fruit and vegetable research led by the University of California, Davis, extending the Horticulture Innovation Lab research program for five more years.

Program name change: Horticulture Innovation Lab

Posted on October 03, 2014
In 2014, the program originally called "Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program (Hort CRSP)" was renamed "Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture" (Horticulture Innovation Lab, for short).