The Horticulture Innovation Lab's email newsletter shares the latest news from the program, along with funding opportunities, updates from throughout our global network, and upcoming events. 

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Newsletter: New webinars, articles on horticulture for development

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Inside, find links to a new webinar series that we’re offering to support professionals working in horticulture for development, a treasure trove of materials from our “Colorful Harvest” conference, and a variety of informative articles and opportunities for you to use in your own career.

Newsletter: 2017 highlights, news from our network

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We are proud to share with you our latest annual report, with contributions from throughout our global network in 2017. This year’s report is in a condensed format for easier skimming ...

Newsletter: Dry chain news, updates from our network

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As we wrap up this productive calendar year, we bring you updates about the dry chain, irrigation in Uganda, horticulture in Guinea, student advancement, gender discussions and new journal articles. We hope you too are harvesting the fruits of a productive year!

Newsletter: Trellis RFP, Africa Postharvest Congress

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We have two special opportunities to bring to your attention in this newsletter: First, we are seeking grant proposals from organizations in developing countries for a new, expanded round of Trellis Fund projects. Second, we are sponsoring the first All-Africa Postharvest Congress ...

Newsletter: 2017 opportunities, next steps

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Welcome to 2017! We hope that you are beginning your work this new year with bright eyes and renewed verve. Thank you for sharing our commitment to helping smallholder farmers better grow fruits and vegetables ...