Partner Organizations

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The Horticulture Innovation Lab has partnered with U.S. universities, international researchers, non-governmental organizations, national agricultural research institutes, private enterprise and foreign universities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The program is awarded to UC Davis to manage in partnership with North Carolina State University, the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, and the University of Florida.

The program continues to strengthen the capacity of its research network with new collaborators.


A to Z Textile Mills - Tanzania, Kenya

ADC Super Crown - Senegal

Ande Liguey - Ghana

Eco Finder - Kenya

HORTI Tengeru - Tanzania

Mwino Group - Uganda

Sapporo Mobi-Vet - Tanzania

Scheut Tshilomba - Democratic Republic of the Congo

SYBASH, Ltd. - Rwanda

World Relief - Malawi


Aythos, Inc. - Nepal

Kasetsart University - Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh

Maejo University - Thailand

PRIDE - Bangladesh

Rhino Research - Thailand

Rushnoi - Tajikistan

Winrock International - Guinea, Thailand, Cambodia

WorldFish - Bangladesh

North America

Agribusiness Associates Inc. - United States, Rwanda, Burkina Faso

Auburn University - United States

Cornell University - United States

iDE - United States, Cambodia, Guatemala

IPM Innovation Lab - United States, Cambodia, Nepal

Kansas State University - United States, Cambodia, Nepal, Guatemala

Michigan State University - United States, Kenya

North Carolina Arboretum - United States

NovaFlora, Inc. - United States

Nutrition Innovation Lab - United States

Postharvest Education Foundation - Rwanda, Tanzania, United States

Purdue University - United States, Kenya, Zambia, Tajikistan

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey - United States, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana

SANREM CRSP - United States

Store It Cold, LLC - United States

Texas A&M University - United States

The Ohio State University - United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria

Tuskegee University - United States

University of California, Davis - United States, Cambodia, Uganda, Thailand, Honduras, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Guinea, Vietnam

University of Florida - United States, Honduras, Guatemala, Tanzania

University of Georgia - United States

University of Wisconsin-Madison - United States, Guatemala, Honduras