Trellis Fund

Brad Reil, UH Manoa student (green shirt), and Aggrey Ntakimanye with the National Forestry Resources Research Institute (white shirt) discuss fruit fly larvae on a fallen mango with farmers in Uganda during a Trellis Fund project led by NaFORRI. 

Connecting local organizations with student agricultural expertise

The Trellis Fund connects organizations in developing countries with U.S. graduate students from Horticulture Innovation Lab partner institutions who have agricultural expertise, generating benefits for both the students and the in-country institutions. Together, they collaborate on short-term projects to address horticultural challenges faced by local farmers.

Trellis Fund accomplishments

The Horticulture Innovation Lab has completed five rounds of Trellis Fund projects so far. Results from the first 55 completed projects include:

  • 8,512 training participants (66% women)
  • 230 demonstration plots
  • 265 training and extension meetings

What's happening with the Trellis Fund now

Our sixth round of Trellis Fund projects have recently completed (and are also available in the Trellis Fund fact sheet). Planning is currently under way for a Trellis Fund Summit as part of the Horticulture Innovation Lab's 2019 annual meeting, to bring together previous participants for networking, capacity building and broader program evaluation.

We anticipate the next opportunity to apply for Trellis Fund grants will take place in late 2019 at the earliest. 

Explore most recent projects   Trellis Fund fact sheet

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