Webinar Series: Innovating and Scaling for Social Transformation in International Food Systems

Innovating and Scaling for Social Transformations in International Food Systems

FREE 2023 Webinar series
hosted by Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture

About the series

This four-week Innovating and Scaling for Social Transformations in International Food Systems webinar series, hosted by the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture, discusses innovating and scaling agriculture innovations, with a focus on social differentiation and transformation.

Who: Speakers from CGIAR, USAID, University of California at Davis (UC Davis), and Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
When: February 21 to March 14, 2023, every Tuesdays 8:00–9:00 a.m. (PST)
Where: Remote via Zoom

Session dates

Please join us for any or all of the following:

  • February 21: Introduction to Scaling and Development in Agriculture - Speakers Erin McGuire and Lennart Woltering
  • February 28: Social Differentiation in Scaling - Speakers Erin McGuire and Anne Rietveld
  • March 7: Introduction to Innovation Systems - Speakers Jessica Bagdonis and Maria Boa
  • March 14: Innovating for Social Transformation - Speakers Cees Leeuwis and Nina de Roo

Additional information, including topics to be covered and learning outcomes further below.

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture Webinar Series flier for "Innovating and Scaling for Social Transformations in International Food Systems."


Topics covered include:
  • Introduction to scaling and its development in agriculture, including models of innovation development and scaling
  • Social differentiation in scaling and its impact, including the examination of GenderUp and relevant diversity and the scaling tool, GenderUp
  • Introduction to agriculture innovation systems and representation of different groups such as indigenous communities, women, and people of color
  • Innovating for social transformation, including the presentation of frameworks for innovation and identifying points of leverage
  • The availability of tools and methods for integrating social considerations during the innovation phase, and a guided group workshop to develop a method that guides researchers toward an outcome of social transformation
By the end of the series, attendees will be able to:
  1. Evaluate the benefits and limitations of different approaches to agricultural development programs and innovation scaling 
  2. Understand and identify gender and other relevant diversity among innovation users to anticipate unintended negative consequences for more successful and inclusive scaling of agricultural innovations
  3. Critically analyze current scaling strategies and tools based on an integrated understanding of gender and scaling to develop recommendations for future tools and approaches to socially responsible scaling of agricultural innovations

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Video recordings

For those unable to attend, the recorded webinar series is available below, on our YouTube channel, and also featured on the International Society for Horticultural Science page here.

Webinar recordings: Innovating and Scaling for Social Transformation in International Food Systems

We will be sharing video recordings, slides, text summaries and other highlights from each webinar session back on this webpage, for those who were unable to participate in the live events. 


Illustrative comparison between equality vs. equity. Image on the left depicts equality, where all three individuals of different heights are placed on equal-sized boxes, and those who are at a height disadvantage are unable to reach the fruit on the trees. Iimage on the right depicts same individuals on boxes that lift them to be able to reach the fruit. The boxes represent different resources that may aid in inclusive practices.

 (above) Illustration depicting equality vs. equity.