Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have one, and don't see it here, let us know! Email Archie Jarman at rajarman@ucdavis.edu.

Can I get training on Piestar?

Web recordings will be posted soon at this webpage, and personal trainings are available. Please contact Archie Jarman at rajarman@ucdavis.edu for trainings at any time.

What are the reporting dates for this upcoming Semi Annual and Annual Reports?

They are March 15th for Semi-Annual and September 15th for Annual.

What targets/indicators should I be preparing for?

These include:

  • E.G.3.2 Number of Individuals Participating in USG Food Security
  • E.G.3.2-2 Number of Individuals Who Have Received USG-supported degree-granting food security training
  • EG.3.2-7 Number of Technologies, Practices and Approaches under Various Phases of Research and Development and Update

Handbook for FTFMS: https://www.agrilinks.org/sites/default/files/revised_ftf_indicator_handbook_clean_version_20190926.pdf

How do I go about requesting approval for international travel?

International travel needs to be submitted for approval through Piestar under the Requests tab.