Improving horticultural crops in Zambia in support of the tourism industry


This report provides a summary for the project focused on Improving vegetable quality with local market support in Zambia (the proposal title was "Sustainable Development of Horticultural Crops in Zambia for Food Security, Income Generation and in Support of the Tourism Industry"), which aimed to help farmers in Zambia develop consistent vegetable products to market to hotels and other tourist industries.

Using a market‐first, science‐based approach, this project trained farmers in the production and commercialization of vegetables, increasing food security and income generation. This project impacted 135 farmers (59% women) from the communities in the Livingstone region to produce over 100 metric tons of vegetables valued at $170,000.

Growers were introduced to and trained in greenhouse tunnel construction and systems to produce vegetables in open field and controlled greenhouse conditions. Farmers were trained not only in production and commercialization of fresh produce, but also on business skill development. This project involved private sector buyers including the Zambezi Sun, Royal Sun, Spar and Shoprite supermarkets, David Livingstone Hotel, Chrismar Hotel and lodges in Livingstone.

This project was based upon the development of strong partnerships and introduced several affordable technologies (including high quality seeds and germplasm, plastic tunnels, and water management), leading to successful agribusiness and income generation in a short time period.

The report also includes achievements for project performance indicators:

  • Agriculture Enabling Environment
  • Agriculture Sector Productivity
  • Capacity Building