Lightning talk: Commercialization of drying technologies for horticultural seed


Improving seed and postharvest storage by building the dry chain is the focus of this presentation. Johan Van Asbrouck gave this presentation as the principal investigator of this project, with funding from the Horticulture Innovation Lab.

The presentation focuses on the problems that lead to food waste, the concept of a dry chain, and how technologies can be used in seed and postharvest storage. The idea of a dry chain, parallel to the cold chain, would address quality loss from moisture in produce and seed storage. Technologies, like desiccant drying beads, advanced storage containers, and improved dryers can help build a dry chain. Van Asbrouck's project partners with and trains Bangladeshi storage companies interested in improving their dry chain.

This presentation was given at the 2016 Horticulture Innovation Lab annual meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Drying beads Dry chain