A regional approach to food safety for fruits and vegetables in Bangaldesh


Poster about food safety for fruits and vegetables presented at the Horticulture Innovation Lab (then called Hort CRSP) meeting in April 2011.

The major horticultural crops in Bangladesh are eggplant, tomato, potato, mango, papaya, jackfruit, and guava and 3.2 million metric tons of horticultural crops are produced each year, but 38% of those crops are lost after harvest. Bangladesh is facing problems with food contamination, pests, diseases, lack of seed quality, lack of suitable processing technology, and poor market linkage. 

The project plan in Bangladesh includes implementing an exploratory project and then a pilot project. The plan includes identification of partners, data collection of food safety issues, stakeholder consultation, action plan development, and the then commencement of the pilot project.


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Food safety