Drying Beads can be reused indefinitely by having a micro-porous structure that allows water to be released when heated. There are 8 steps for using Drying Beads to maintain seed quality. First, the current seed moisture content must be measured by using humidicator strips or relative humidity meters. The desired storage equilibrium relative humidity or seed moisture content should be set at a low level for long-term storage. Next, activate the beads by heating them in an oven at 250˚C (450˚F). To calculate the amount of beads required, the bead water absorption capacity has to be determined. Dry the seeds by inserting the seeds and bead in an enclosed hermetic container or plastic bag. Beads can be removed for reuse after seeds have finished drying. Roll beads over palm with moist fingers to test if beads are still active. Properly reactivated beads will feel warm and can be reused for more drying.




Drying beads

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