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We are once again announcing a new grant opportunity this month. For those of you counting, that means the Horticulture Innovation Lab has three open calls for research proposals right now. We look forward to reviewing your applications and hope you’ll take a minute to share these opportunities with colleagues who might be interested. This week we will also be attending the American Society for Horticultural Science conference, a chance to connect with some of our colleagues and partners, old and new. We are always interested in meeting more brilliant researchers and further strengthening our network.

CALL FOR CONCEPT NOTES ON INTEGRATED ANIMAL-HORTICULTURE SYSTEMS The Horticulture Innovation Lab is offering a grant up to $750,000 over three years to support a research project in integrated animal-horticulture systems. Sept. 19 is the deadline for brief concept notes, submitted by U.S. university researchers. Read the whole article about this call:

The research should be focused on the needs of smallholder farmers in developing countries that are part of Feed the Future, with priority given to Cambodia, Nepal and Rwanda.

Understanding the socioeconomic feasibility and trade-offs involved in mixed crop-livestock farming systems — ones that specifically incorporate fruit and vegetable crops — is the focus of this new call for concept notes.

“We are hoping to attract researchers from a range of disciplines — sociologists, economists, livestock specialists, and agriculturists — who have experience working in this area, even if not specifically with horticultural crops,” said Beth Mitcham, director of the Horticulture Innovation Lab.

Read the whole article for additional details:

Find all three funding opportunities here:


HORTICULTURE TAKES STAGE AT WORLD FOOD PRIZE Themes for this year’s Borlaug Dialogue events focus on nutritious crops for food security, with laureates honored for orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. Director Beth Mitcham will speak at the event, on a panel about nutrition security:

NEW CLIMATE-SMART, IRRIGATION PROJECT STARTS IN GUATEMALA With an additional $3.4 million in funding from USAID/Guatemala, the Horticulture Innovation Lab is beginning the “MásRiego” project to expand use of drip irrigation and conservation agriculture practices with 9,000 rural households in Guatemala:


YOUNG HONORED FOR WORK IN VIETNAM Our partner Glenn Young, UC Davis professor and food safety microbiologist, was honored by the government of Ho Chi Minh City recently for his work with Nong Lam University:


EVENT: SOUTHEAST ASIAN VEGETABLE SYMPOSIUM Registration is open for the SEAVEG 2016 conference, held Sept. 6-8 in Putrajaya, Malaysia, with a focus on Vegetables for Improved Nutrition and Livelihoods:

STUDENT CONTEST: UC VIDEOS ON FOOD SECURITY RESEARCH Sept. 7 is the deadline for University of California students to enter 3-minute videos into a contest focused on UC research for agriculture and nutrition, in honor of World Food Day:

DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION: OFF-GRID REFRIGERATION The Global LEAP Awards is seeking information and feedback to shape its upcoming Off-Grid Refrigeration Competition, which will begin in September:

GRANT: DRIED APRICOTS HANDLING, MARKETING Sept. 12 is the deadline to apply for a $300,000 grant from the Horticulture Innovation Lab focused on the needs of growers in Tajikistan:

GRANT: TOMATO POSTHARVEST RESEARCH Sept. 12 is also the deadline for proposals from U.S. researchers focused on the needs of growers in Burkina Faso, for up to $300,000 from the Horticulture Innovation Lab:


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