Improving tomato production through good agronomic practices




Ibukun Timothy Ayankojo, University of Florida


September 19, 2016—The Horticulture Innovation Lab awarded a $2,000 (USD) Trellis Fund grant to Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s Crops Research Institute.  

The CSIR Crops Research Institute will lead a project in Ghana that improves tomato production through good agronomic practices.  

As part of the Trellis Fund process, CSIR Crops Research Institute will also work with a U.S. graduate student, who will be selected to provide additional agricultural expertise to achieve the project goals.  

“We are pleased to build new relationships with local organizations, with support from our innovative Trellis Fund program,” said Elizabeth Mitcham, director of the Horticulture Innovation Lab at the University of California, Davis. “We believe this model, which links knowledgeable U.S. university students with local, on‐the‐ground practitioners, can help further extend horticultural expertise to farmers nearby.”

This new project is one of nine Trellis Fund projects that will take place over the course of six months in 2017.