Training in value addition of mangoes




Sidrah Rafique, University of Florida
Nicholas Reitz, University of Florida


Mango farmers are concerned about poor sales and losses to due to lack of value addition and inadequate marketing of mangoes. According to MUCG researchers, farmers indicated at their annual meeting that mango losses represent about 30 percent of the total produce. Spoilage translates to lost income opportunities for farmers already struggling to provide for themselves and their families on a daily basis.

The aim of the project is to train 130 farmers in the development of different agricultural products from mango fruits into juice, milk shakes, yogurt, canned products and jam. It is anticipated that training of farmers in expanded utilization of mango fruits will create a new market niche. The value-added mango products will increase farmers’ profit margins and positively affect their family livelihood and that of their communities as a whole.