FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022 GenderUp and Inclusive Scaling Side Event

Inclusive innovation for transformative goals in small-scale agriculture

Women play a huge role in horticulture

How innovation can be scaled in a gender-responsible way

Led by the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture, CGIAR, Wageningen University and Research


  • Erin McGuire, Associate Director of USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture 

  • Dr. Janelle Larson, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics at Pennsylvania State University 

  • Dr. Lydiah Miriti, Senior Research Scientist at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization, (KALRO) Kandara

When: October 13, 2-4pm CET


The first hour of this workshop will focus on GenderUp, a conversational method that supports innovation teams in gender responsible scaling in small scale agriculture. GenderUp is an important tool for researchers for development and small-scale innovators to incorporate as they scale an agricultural technology. A key result of GenderUp is a more gender-aware and socially responsible scaling strategy, which includes mitigating activities and complementary innovations. The second hour will provide examples of gender-aware scaling strategies, including gender-focused farmer field schools and socially transformative approaches to rural financial services

How to Join

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