Webinars: Horticulture for Development Professional Series

young international professinals discuss horticulture while kneeling on meeting room floor

When: 11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m., EDT, Every Thursday from July 25 to Sept. 19, 2019
Where: Online

The Horticulture Innovation Lab hosted a series of nine webinars in 2019, focused on professional development for researchers, students, practitioners, and others interested in the intersections between horticulture and international development. See an announcement about these webinars on Agrilinks, "New webinar series and certificate for practitioners, researchers, students."

Participants from at least three continents tuned in each week for a 90-minute webinar, with expert speakers delving into project management skills or horticulture topics in international development contexts. Each session featured about 30 minutes of Q&A as well.

Participants were invited to select individual sessions of interest or attend them all, with more than 140 participating in one or more webinars over the course of the series. 

Videos, slides and summaries for all nine webinars are available below. 

Hort4Dev webinar recordings

We are sharing video recordings, slides, text summaries and other highlights from each webinar session back on this webpage, for those who were unable to participate in the live events. 

Horticulture for Development Professional Series certificate

Horticulture for development (aka "Hort4Dev") is an increasingly critical field within the international development community, primarily because horticulture offers double-duty impacts related to both poverty and malnutrition. Advancements in horticulture offer farmers many ways to improve their livelihoods by growing high-value fruit and vegetable crops that provide necessary nutrients to their families and communities. Fruit and vegetable value chains offer important opportunities for off-farm employment, through postharvest management, value-added products and aggregation — while simultaneously increasing fruit and vegetable availability.

Participants who actively joined all nine webinars earned a Horticulture for Development Professional Series certificate, including: 

  • Yakubu Abukari
  • Ademola Adebowale
  • Andrew Baguma
  • Kanchana Boonruang
  • Lara Brindisi
  • Lualhati Debil
  • Karen Lee Hizola
  • Nisha Marwaha
  • Stephen Mruma
  • Ladislas Niyiragira
  • Aggrey Ntakimanye
  • Olubukola Odeyemi
  • Christiana Owolabi
  • Harry Jr Paulino
  • Debendra Shrestha
  • Leigh Thorsen
  • Bonaventure Ufitinema


For questions related to these webinars or the Horticulture for Development Professionals Series certificate, please contact horticulture@ucdavis.edu