2014 Postharvest in Horticulture

The Horticulture Innovation Lab held a briefing about improving postharvest practices for horticultural crops, July 24 at the UC Washington Center in Washington, D.C. called "Postharvest in Horticulture: Reducing losses and improving quality to capture high-value crops." Visit the Postharvest 2014 event page for more details about this event and information presented.

The event brought together experts on new postharvest technologies, challenges and opportunities in improving postharvest practices, methods for scaling, and an overview of efforts to reduce postharvest losses and improve food safety in developing countries.

The event shared findings and lessons learned from the Horticulture Innovation Lab’s first five years of work. This event was a chance to share critiques and exchange questions that could shape future research in postharvest practices.