5-minute lesson: Five ways the Trellis Fund generates impact


This presentation, presented by Elyssa Lewis of the Horticulture Innovation Lab, discusses five ways that the Trellis Fund program generates impact. The Trellis Fund is a grantmaking and capacity building program that connects organizations in developing countries with U.S. graduate students who have agricultural expertise.

#1: Builds local organizations’ capacity to grow and improve their programs
#2: Improves local organizations’ technical knowledge and practices
#3: Engages U.S. graduate students in international agriculture
#4: Creates partnerships between developing country organizations and U.S. universities
#5: Enables the extension of cutting edge horticultural knowledge to smallholder farmers and value chain stakeholders

For more information see the blog post Lewis wrote.

This presentation was given at the 2017 Horticulture Innovation Lab annual meeting in Antigua, Guatemala.