CFAT Train-the-Trainer opleidingsverslag: Sessie 1 (Afrikaans)


Training report for session 1 of the CFAT Train-the-Trainer program.

On day 1, the program jumped off with content that began with record keeping and communication. The first group Exercise completed was: "What data is important?". The learners have packets of magazines in which they had to search for images to display keywords in the exercise such as: water use programs, health and fitness for producers and workers, labor rights, product quality, incidence of pests and hygiene practices in production and processing of Rooibos.

Day 2 started in time with an introduction to financial management. Everyone was motivated and the group had a good discussion had both personal and organization finances for everyone were asked for their individual budgets work out. The next material looked at the different ways in which one can communicate and the different body language that one uses. Then the program got into finer detailing how to deliver a speech. Later on day 2 the program specifically focused on the roles of a cooperative and of a association. The group had to make use of the skills learned at the first round community workshops by a SWOT analysis of each member group do, even if it's a co-operative or not.

On the last day the learners received numbers with their subjects the previous day so that everyone was prepared when it turned out. The facilitators have different aspects of the speech assessment and each learner was asked to make an assessment of their fellow students learners. The feedback in general was very positive and all the learners had theirs speeches delivered excellently.




South Africa