CFAT Train-the-Trainer opleidingsverslag: Sessie 2 (Afrikaans)


Training report for session 2 of the CFAT Train-the-Trainer program.

The second CFAT training session was developed specifically for the learner's knowledge about to improve standards and certification. The second training session had more detail in regards to issues such as biodiversity and organic and focused on standards that were relevant to the small farmers.

The material of Day 1 was to a large extent an introduction to the Rooibos industry as a whole. Although the learners are all small farmers or related to small farmers, they have very little knowledge about the Rooibos industry and the different markets.

On Day 2, the different Rooibos brands were presented and each group had 5 different Rooibos brands that they had to compare and critically analyze. Johan Brand, expansion officer of Rooibos Ltd., discussed the various other plant species what occurs in a general Rooibos plantation, as well as the negative and positive influence what it has on the plant.




South Africa