DryCard™ pictorial flow chart


This one page pictorial flow chart shows how the DryCard™ can be used to measure dryness of a food product. The chart begins with a photo of food sun drying outside, labeled "START." An arrow pointing down guides users to the next step in the process, showing photos of a clear plastic resealable zipper bag, a small sample of dried food, and a DryCard. The addition signs (+) between each of these three photos indicate that they should be put together (the food and DryCard placed and sealed inside the plastic bag). Another arrow moves users down to the next step of waiting for 30-60 minutes with the DryCard inside the bag of food. Finally, the last stage of the flow chart shows two arrows: a red arrow leading to a pink DryCard and a blue arrow leading to a blue DryCard. The pink DryCard indicates that the product is not completely dried and should be dried for additional time (with an arrow leading back to the beginning of the flow chart). The blue DryCard next to a happy face symbol indicates that the food product is completely dried and can be safely stored.


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