Eco-Friendly Nets 2: A profitable climate smart technology


This 7:43 minute video discuses Eco-Friendly Nets, a promising low-cost technology that can help farmers insulate their crops from pests and extreme climate conditions in Kenya. 

Speaking in this video is Dr. Thibaud Martin of Cirad-Icipe, with additional comments from Sylvia Kuria, a farm leader in Kiambu county of Kenya, Esther Mujuka, an economist with Icipe and Marco Pasini, a financial analyst with MicroFinanza.  

“Anyone who is interested in high value crops, I would say that netting technology is really good for you. It works. It reduces costs and it also reduces on the labor.” – Sylvia Kuria

This video is about a Horticulture Innovation Lab project headed by Professor William "Vance" Baird of Michigan State University. The project team gave Eco-Friendly Nets to farm leaders in the Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Machakos and Migori counties of Kenya to examine how farmers adapted to them and whether they were useful at preventing pest irrigation and combating extreme climate conditions. They are researching barriers to sustained adoption of the Eco-Friendly Nets including barriers to purchasing and financing the nets and performing a cost-benefit analysis on the nets. 





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