Metrics to evaluate and improve diet quality - introduction to session 3


This presentation was delivered by Reina Engle-Stone, Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition and the Program in International & Community Nutrition at the University of California, Davis.

This presentation is an introduction to session 3 "Metrics to Evaluate and Improve Diet Quality" and describes the importance of collecting data that is both meaningful and measurable, and determining what it is we want to measure based on the goal of improving diet quality. It describes how the information we need depends on how the information will be used and by whom, and who will generate the information. In short, we need to match metrics to the information need. This introduction concludes with stating objectives and discussion questions for session 3.

This introductory presentation was part of at an event titled "Aligning the Food System to Meet Dietary Needs: Fruits and Vegetables," which took place on June 2-3, 2017, at the UC Davis Conference Center.