New strategic plan for WorldVeg


This presentation, delivered by Marco Wopereis with the World Vegetable Center, outlines the current strategic plan and proposed future plan for the World Vegetable Center.


Current approach:

  • Projects drive the research agenda and look at part of the innovation process (D, P or S)
  • Themes are disciplinary in nature and ‘constituted’ from (parts of) projects
  • Theme leaders have no clear role, other than reporting
  • There is no clear link between discovery research, piloting research and scaling activities

Proposed future approach:

  • Innovation clusters (D <-> P <-> S) drive the research agenda
  • Projects provide the fuel for the research agenda
  • Themes are outcome-driven and the sum of innovation clusters
  • Theme leaders steer the innovation process
  • Clear links between discovery research, piloting activities and scaling activities


This presentation was given at the 2017 Horticulture Innovation Lab annual meeting in Antigua, Guatemala.