Recent developments at USAID


The focus of this presentation is updates from USAID, as delivered by John Bowman of the Bureau for Food Security.

This presentation begins by discussing what the Feed the Future (FTF) initiative does, as well as the criteria for research investment from the FTF Research Strategy. It describes the various horticulture initiatives under USAID FTF, including value chain priorities from the different USAID field offices (Missions) and the five year extension for the Horticulture Innovation Lab. It also includes historical info about USAID funding earmarked for agricultural research and a new research portfolio looking ahead.

The presentation goes on to discuss the FTF Food Security Innovation Center (FSIC), the different program areas under FSIC and the thematic partnerships and target subject areas as part of a research request for applications. It then describes the current research projects of different lead institutions under specific program areas.

The presentation shares some of the accomplishments of the USAID FTF Research Division, as well as impacts of the Program for Research on Safe and Nutritious Foods. It describes the flow of technology from research to adoption to scaling up, and the role of horticulture in plans to scale various agricultural technologies around the world.

It ends by describing a new push to demonstrate nutrition and poverty results, as well as next steps and high priority areas moving forward.

This presentation was part of the Horticulture Innovation Lab 2014 Annual Meeting, which took place March 17-21, 2014 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.