Scaling drying beads in Bangladesh


This 90-second video shares about Rhino Research's efforts to promote drying technology in the Bangladeshi seed industry. Make and keeping seed dry can prevent the occurrence of insects and fungi, which could spoil or damage the seed. The Rhino team worked with Bangladeshi seed companies to train “drying masters,” who then trained more than 100 trainers on seed drying, who in turn trained seed farmers to use the drying beads. Speaking in this video is Johan van Asbrouck of Rhino Research.

This project is addressing the challenges of drying seeds and commodities in hot, humid climates by following the “dry chain” concept. The team is promoting the commercial adoption of drying beads technology in Bangladesh for both seeds and processed food products.

This video debuted at the 2018 Horticulture Innovation Lab annual meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. 


Drying beads