2018 Annual Meeting

When: May 9 – 11, 2018
Where: Kigali, Rwanda at the Serena Hotel

In 2018, the Horticulture Innovation Lab held its annual meeting in Rwanda. The event brought together the program's international team, local horticultural experts, and development practitioners. This year's events shared a theme: "Engaging youth as agricultural entrepreneurs."

The objectives for the annual meeting include:

  • Learn about activities and issues in agriculture in Rwanda
  • Improve awareness of information products and research results of the Horticulture Innovation Lab network
  • Partnership building and networking 

Below are 18 videos shared by our network during the Regional Horticulture Conference. We are continuing to update this page with additional presentations, photos and other useful information from these events.


Wednesday, May 9: Regional Horticulture Conference with local participants to share, learn and discuss horticulture in Rwanda and the region.

See the Conference Agenda (PDF) for details. Activities during the conference include:

  • Opening remarks from USAID/Rwanda and the Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources
  • Introduction to the Horticulture Innovation Lab
  • State of Horticulture in Rwanda 
  • Panel discussion: Youth in Horticulture
  • Panel discussion: Innovation and Technology in Horticulture
  • Poster session
  • Keynote: Youth in Agriculture

Videos from Horticulture Innovation Lab research teams

Each research team in the Horticulture Innovation Lab network presented a 90-second video as a brief glimpse into the work they have been doing or the people they work with, as part of a 5-minute presentation. Presentations were organized by Feed the Future objectives:

Videos: Inclusive agricultural growth

Farmers who grow high-value horticulture crops can earn more than those who grow other commodities, allowing farmers on small plots to derive additional income. Explore Horticulture Innovation Lab projects that focus on inclusive agricultural growth


Videos: Resilience

Increasingly frequent, intense shocks and stresses threaten the ability of men, women, and families to emerge from poverty in a sustainable way. Explore Horticulture Innovation Lab projects that focus on resilience


Videos: Improved nutrition

 Horticulture plays a unique role in ensuring access to and availability of diverse, nutritious food. Increased dietary diversity is highly correlated with better health, and thus reduction of malnutrition and stunting. Explore Horticulture Innovation Lab projects that focus on improved nutrition


Presentations and panelists - Regional Horticulture Conference

The Regional Horticulture Conference also included presentations from researchers and panels focused on youth and on innovation. A collection of selected presentations are provided below, with more to follow. 


Thursday, May 10 and Friday, May 11: Horticulture Innovation Lab project workdays: These two workdays are invitation-only, for current principal investigators and in-country collaborators. Workdays include a group banquet on May 10 and site visits around Kigali on the afternoon of May 11. See Workdays Agenda (PDF) for full details.



The International Advisory Board members and members of the Management Entity team participated in site visits to northern Rwanda. Please see Site Visits Agenda (PDF) for more details.

  • Monday, May 7: Early morning departure for site visits. Overnight stay.
  • Tuesday, May 8: Continued site visits. Return to Kigali.



The Horticulture Innovation Lab's International Advisory Board members met in the days after the annual meeting.

  • May 12-13: International Advisory Board meeting (by invitation only)


Questions? Please send logistical questions to brabogado@ucdavis.edu and programmatic questions to ejmcguire@ucdavis.edu.