Seeds of Hope: Producing local, disease-resistant vegetable seed


Jim Nienhuis, of the University of Wiscsonsin-Madison presented "Semillas de Esperanza" on May 7, 2014 at the program's 2014 annual meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

Major collaborators:

  • World Vegetable Center – Taiwan ROC
  • Guatemala - CARE
  • El Salvador - CARE
  • Honduras – FHIA
  • Nicaragua - UNA
  • Costa Rica – ITCR (at their own expense!)

GOALS: Semillas de Esperanza  (Seeds of Hope)

I. Work with women’s groups to develop vegetable production and marketing as a business through improved cultivars.

II. Develop seed production and marketing as a high value business specifically
for women’s groups and cooperatives

They evaluated virus resistant germplasm, held workshops to train community leaders, and organized field days for women's and community groups.  The germplasm from AVRDC was a success!  Next steps are to improve postharvest seed storage with drying beads and procure knowledge or postharvest seed storage technologies, and business skills to create a sustainable business for the women's groups.