Update from USAID: Agricultural Research and Policy (ARP) highlights and priorities


This presentation, given by John Bowman, details Feed the Future programs, projects, accomplishments, and future changes. It includes helpful organizational charts and project lists. Later, is lists the Feed the Future policy priorities (slide 14) and anticipated changes households with and without profit potential will make and related intervention strategies (slide 32). The presentation goes on to discuss the changes needed in a monitoring and evaluation framework, and how the indicators and targets drive and shape IP (implementing partners) implementation.



Global Food Security Strategy's Goal and Objectives (slide 19)

  • The strategy is heavily built around an updated results framework
  • The goal is to sustainably reduce global hunger, malnutrition, and poverty
    • Consistent with current Feed the Future goal plus elevation of malnutrition into the goal statement in alignment with SDG 2 (Sustainable Development Goal) and the GFSA (Global Food Security Act)
  • Three mutually reinforcing and interdependent objectives to achieve this goal, two of which are similar to current Feed the Future results framework:
    • Inclusive ag-led economic growth
    • A well nourished population
    • Resilience (elevated as a third objective)

Continuing Areas of Focus (slide 20)

  • Focus on high impact interventions: Prioritization of evidence-based interventions that will deliver impact at scale
  • Gender and female empowerment: Dedicated intermediate result, which commits us to measuring progress against it
  • Country-led and local ownership: At the heart of our approach for sustainability
  • Policy and governance: Dedicated intermediate result; land tenure mentioned multiple times in the GFSA
  • Capacity building: Improved human, organizational, and system performance is a new intermediate result
  • Partnerships with governments, the private sector, civil society, research and university community
  • Harnessing the power of research, science, technology, and innovation