Fridah Githuku

Fridah Githuku
Principal Investigator
Based In
Nairobi, Kenya

Fridah served as the co-PI for the research initiative, Determining the trade-offs between short and long horticulture value chains in Kenya, as the Executive Director of GROOTS Kenya, until 2024.

The mission of GROOTS Kenya, a national movement of grassroots women and girls, is to facilitate grassroots women and girls’ effective engagement and influence in development. She has supported grassroots women, from rural and remote areas, to ascend to elected and appointed public decision making spaces. Fridah spends her time mentoring grassroots women to leadership, powering grassroots women feminists' organizing, and amplifying their voices. She is also a passionate promoter of the GROOTS Saving and Cooperative Society, a grassroots women-only financial institution.

To promote economic justice for vulnerable groups, she has designed, with partners, a financial inclusion solution called Jasiri fund, which is a special loan fund targeting survivors of gender based violence during the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya. She is the architect of the Grassroots Public Budget Academy, a platform that hones grassroots advocates' skills in public fiscal policy. A vocal champion for gender justice in land governance, she won the 2018 ONE Campaign Women of the Year award for advocating equal land rights for women and men. She was elected to represent the East Africa Region in the International Land Coalition Africa Steering Committee. Fridah is a member of the Inter-Agency Technical Committee on Gender Statistics by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and UN Women. She continues to advocate for evidence-driven development planning while pursuing increased production and use of gender data. She is a team leader in the development of a gender data dashboard for Kenya to increase access to disaggregated data for advocates. She works closely with county governments to support development of gender responsive policies in the critical sectors of water, agriculture and climate change.