Developing training materials to improve postharvest practices in Honduras and Guatemala

Woman chopping and weighing vegetables in a market in Guatemala
Improving postharvest handling practices for smallholder farmers in Honduras and Guatemala is the focus of the training materials created by this team. (Horticulture Innovation Lab photo by Mark Ritenour/University of Florida)
Project Description

Knowledge of postharvest handling practices necessary to satisfy market requirements limits the success of small-scale producers of horticultural crops to participate in the value chain at various levels. Improving the ability of smallholder farmers to produce horticultural crops with the required levels of quality and safety for markets supports the Feed the Future strategy for Honduras and Guatemala by improving growers' income and increasing availability of nutrient-rich foods.

Led by Jeff Brecht of the University of Florida, this international team develops training materials that show users the what, why and how of postharvest handling practices that are necessary in order to ensure the quality and safety required to successfully market fresh horticultural crops in markets at different levels. Training materials are designed so that they can be easily incorporated into postharvest curricula at higher education institutions in developing countries where the Horticulture Innovation Lab works.


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