Engaging and understanding informal mid-stream actors in Nigeria and Rwanda

Engaging and understanding informal mid-stream actors in Nigeria and Rwanda

Weighing passion fruit for sale in Rwanda
Research team observes the weighing of passion fruit for sale in Rwanda
Project Description

The informal midstream actor is an important linkage in the food system; a crucial connector between the production and consumption of nutritious vegetables in Africa and Asia. To reach informal midstream actors and engage them in enhancing food system outcomes, an understanding of the informal economy and what drives its actors must be deepened.  Thus,  studies of interventions in the informal economy to look for key success factors to achieve effective measures, incentives and policies is critical

This project, led by Youri Dijkxhoorn of Wageningen Economic Research Institute, with co-investigators Emma Termeer, Jimi Talabi, and Serge Ndayitabi, involved an extensive literature review and location identification process. Two case studies were conducted in Rwanda and Nigeria in which plastic reusable crates were introduced to reduce losses. In depth interviews were conducted with selected actors to answer key questions, such as: 1) how can informal midstream actors be involved in addressing value chain challenges that impact the affordability and availability of healthy and safe foods for urban consumers? 2) how does our understanding of organization and governance, as well as private sector lead innovation enhance the scalability of successful interventions? and, 3) what consequences for investment policies can be identified?

The outcomes of this study will inform researchers on involvement and success factors in the informal economy to determine incentives related to motivation, social capital, financial capital, organization and governance issues. This knowledge identifying effective measures, incentives and policies, is needed to engage with such markets to improve food system dynamics for nutritious vegetables. 




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