News articles and blog posts about the Horticulture Innovation Lab's Trellis Fund, which connects organizations in developing countries with U.S. graduate students who have agricultural expertise. Together, they collaborate on short-term projects to address horticultural challenges faced by local farmers, generating benefits for the farmers, students and in-country institutions. Visit the main Trellis Fund webpage for more information.

How to cook sweet potato leaves, with thanks from Ethiopia

Posted on November 28, 2018
Did you know the leaves of the sweet potato plant are also a tasty, nutritious food? In Ethiopia, where sweet potatoes can be a staple crop, a UC Davis student recently helped farmers reconsider their sweet potato crop in a new culinary light. Watch this video...

5 ways Trellis Fund grants generate impact

Posted on March 25, 2017
As student manager of the Trellis Fund, Elyssa Lewis writes experiences and impacts from this program that matches graduate students to organizations in developing countries for short-term horticulture projects.

New call for Trellis Fund grant proposals

Posted on February 07, 2017
The Horticulture Innovation Lab invites organizations in developing countries to compete for new Trellis Fund grants up to $4,000 each for 6-month projects, to extend horticultural information to local farmers and stakeholders along fruit or vegetable value chains.