Opening a regional postharvest training and services center for Sub-Saharan Africa


Diane M. Barrett, UC Davis, along with her collaborators undertook a 3 year project to :

  1. Train 30 persons (researchers, extension workers, development workers) from Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Benin & Gabon as postharvest specialists via E-learning (Year 1).

  2. Design & set up a Postharvest Training and Services Center (PTSC) in one target country in Sub-Saharan Africa (Year 2).

  3. Provide demonstrations, training programs and conduct adaptive research on innovative small- scale appropriate postharvest handling, food safety and food processing methods at the PTSC in collaboration with Trainees and local extension personnel (Years 2 and 3).

On May 7, 2013 (day 2) of the 2013 Annual meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, she discusses the outcomes of years 1-3 of the project, including training a group of women how to make a ZECC (Zero Energy Cooling Chamber) and how to build a solar dryer.

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