Presentations at the Regional Horticulture Conference in Guatemala

The Regional Horticulture Conference was March 6 as part of the Horticulture Innovation Lab's annual meeting, at the Camino Real Hotel in Antigua.

See the complete program (PDF) for original schedule and other details. the program is also available in Spanish (PDF).

Some speakers presented in English and others in Spanish. (Simultaneous translation was provided at the event.)

Speakers at the Regional Horticulture Conference

Welcome and introductions

  • Meagan Terry, Horticulture Innovation Lab
  • Harry Kriz, Deputy Director, USAID/Guatemala 
  • Lic. Raúl Hernández Figueroa, Advisor, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Nutrition of Guatemala
  • Guillermo Alvarado, Honduras, Horticulture Innovation Lab advisory board

Innovative work in Guatemala and Central America