Evaluating cooling and drying technologies in various climates in Tanzania, Ghana, Honduras, Guatemala, Thailand

Project Description

This research project is a series of studies comparing cool storage tools and solar dryer designs. The technologies will be tested in eight locations across four different zones of relative humidity and temperature, with Horticulture Innovation Lab affiliates in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

For cool storage, the studies will include the zero-energy cool chamber (PDF) compared to ambient air storage, under a variety of combinations of high/low temperatures and high/low relative humidity conditions.

For solar drying, performance of the UC Davis chimney dryer design (PDF) will be compared to that of a traditional indirect solar cabinet dryer. Results for each comparison will enable the Horticulture Innovation Lab team to provide accurate recommendations on low-cost appropriate technologies for solar drying and for short-term cool storage of fruit and vegetable crops.

Map Location

14.009240182358, -87.003605263995

14.603762, -90.489248

-3.3739732, 36.8055189

9.4034226, -0.84241599999996

14.023088000843, 99.975746542773

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