Regional Hub Management Team

Horticulture Innovation Lab's Regional Hubs

Regional Hub Organizations

The Regional Hub Organization serves as a host for the Regional Hub Manager both in terms of providing an office space and as employer of the Regional Hub Manager. Regional Hubs, at the institutional level, are geographically and operationally established in a way that facilitates the networking capacity of the Regional Hub Manager. The Regional Hub Organizations are:

  1. West Africa: University of Ghana
  2. East Africa: International Center for Evaluation and Development
  3. Central America: Zamorano University
  4. South Asia: FORWARD Nepal

Regional Hub Managers

In each Regional Hub there is a designated Regional Hub Manager (or team) that coordinates and monitors projects and trainings, introduces and advocates for new innovations, as well as cultivates in-country networks including USAID mission relationships. Across all regions, the Regional Hub Managers are tasked and supported to not only engage in the field with implementers, but also engage with stakeholders or end-users to collect insights into the effectiveness and progress of research. Ultimately, the Regional Hub Managers are the on-the-ground representatives of the Horticulture Innovation Lab.

  1. West Africa:

  2. East Africa

  3. Central America

  4. South Asia

Regional Horticulture Reports

Regional Hub Manager host organizations collaborated with local institutions to host Regional Horticulture Workshops. The workshops were a culmination of desk reviews, surveys, focus groups, and of course a multi-day, in-person workshop. From this, Regional Horticulture Reports were generated. The reports will be foundational for the Horticulture Innovation Lab's locally led, globally supported research approach and are tremendous sources of information.