Horticulture CRSP Selects Program Council

The management team of Horticulture CRSP has assembled a Program Council that will guide the activities of Horticulture CRSP through the first few months of activities until the International Advisory Board is appointed. The members of the Program Council will augment Horticulture CRSP with a diversity of scientific expertise and international experience, and they will help lead the program through the complexities of scientific research and international development. They will also ensure that the results of Horticulture CRSP reflect its original mission and objectives.

The members of the Program Council have three main duties.

  1. Select and recommend the appropriate Immediate Impact Projects (IIPs).
  2. Counsel the director on technical and management issues that concern the implementation of the IIPs.
  3. Appoint the members of an International Advisory Board (IAB) that will take over the roles and responsibilities of the Program Council. The IAB will ensure the long-term focus and results of Horticulture CRSP. Approximately four members of the Program Council will be appointed to the IAB to maintain continuity.

The Program Council members have been selected based on their horticultural expertise and international experience. The council is comprised of professors from North Carolina State University, Cornell University, University of Hawaii and University of California Davis. The four members of the Horticulture CRSP’s management team will also participate as ex-officio members on the council.

The Program Council members are:

Dr. Elizabeth Mitcham, University of California, Davis, Chair 
Elizabeth Mitcham is the Associate Director of the Horticulture CRSP and also Director of the UC Postharvest Technology Center. She is a postharvest biologist and extension specialist with the Department of Plant Sciences, specializing in postharvest physiology and handling of apples, pears, cherries, prunes, strawberries, almonds and walnuts.

Dr. Ron Voss, University of California, Davis 
Ron Voss is the Director of Horticulture CRSP. He is a Professor Emeritus and Extension Vegetable Specialist with extensive experience in vegetable production, sustainable agriculture, small farms, and international agricultural development.

Dr. Mark Bell, University of California, Davis
Mark Bell is the Leader of Communication and Information Transfer at Horticulture CRSP. Before joining UC Davis, he was Head of both International Programs and the Training Center at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines.

Dr. Michael Reid, University of California, Davis 
Michael Reid is the Leader of Special Projects and Technology Innovation at the Horticulture CRSP. He is also a Professor and Postharvest Extension Specialist in the Department of Plant Sciences, specializing in postharvest physiology and handling of ornamental crops.

Dr. Diane Barrett, University of California, Davis 
Diane Barrett is a specialist in fruit and vegetable products and cooperative extension. She serves as the UC Davis Site Director of the Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging. She researches the effects of raw material quality and processing on color, flavor, texture and nutritional quality of fruit and vegetable products.

Dr. Alan Bennett, University of California, Davis 
Alan Bennett is a Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences and he serves as Executive Director of the Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture (PIPRA), a non-profit organization that provides commercialization strategy advice and intellectual property rights analysis to support the commercialization of public sector innovations particularly in developing countries. His research focuses on plant cell wall structure and genetic modifications to improve postharvest performance.

Dr. Patrick Brown, University of California, Davis 
Patrick Brown is a Professor of Plant Nutrition in the Department of Plant Sciences. He previously served as Director of International Programs at UC Davis, and was the director of the Global Horticultural Assessment funded by USAID in 2004 that formed the basis for the new Horticulture CRSP. His research focuses on the function of nickel, zinc and boron in plants.

Dr. Steve Brush, University of California, Davis 
Steve Brush is a professor of anthropology in the Department of Human and Community Development. His research focuses on genetic crop resources and agricultural ecology. He also studies the sociology of agriculture in developing countries.

Dr. George Wilson, North Carolina State University 
As Professor of Horticultural Science, Dr. Wilson teaches postharvest physiology. He has previously served NC State as Vice Provost for International Affairs, International Agricultural Programs Coordinator, and Chief of Party for two USAID agricultural development projects in Peru. During 2006-08 Wilson was Senior Advisor for University Relations in the Office of Agriculture at USAID/Washington.

Dr. Adel Kader, University of California, Davis 
Adel Kader is a Professor Emeritus of Postharvest Physiology. He has been and remains active in horticulture development in the developing world, especially focusing on postharvest handling.

Dr. Robert E. Paull, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu 
Robert Paull is a Professor and the Chairman of Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences. His research focuses on the preharvest production practices and postharvest handling and quality of tropical fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. He also is involved in research on the genetic control and genes involved in fruit ripening.

Dr. K.V. Raman, Cornell University
K.V. Raman specializes in plant breeding and pest management. He is the Executive Director of the Cornell-Eastern Europe-Mexico International Collaborative Project in Potato Late Blight Control.



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