Horticulture Innovation Lab in Guinea

As part of Feed the Future, the Horticulture Innovation Lab has conducted research in Guinea focused on improving the horticulture value chain, establishing a horticulture hub, partnering with youth, and improving postharvest practices.

The Horticulture Innovation Lab first started working in Guinea in the wake of the Ebola outbreak, when the program was commissioned to assess horticulture value chains in Guinea including constraints and opportunities at the household and commercial levels. 

This page includes links to Horticulture Innovation Lab research projects, major partners and partner organizations based in Guinea, along with blog articles and information products with a focus on horticulture in Guinea.


Young entrepreneurs help Guinea’s farmers access postharvest innovation

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At 29, Fatoumata Cissoko dries pineapple for her business in West Africa and has already spent three years trying out different drying methods on her parents’ farm in Guinea. She is confident of the entrepreneurial opportunities that are found after harvest — and she is working to share her knowledge with more farmers.

Opening a center for horticulture innovations in Guinea

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Andra Williams writes about progress in Guinea, where she has been working for the Horticulture Innovation Lab to help open a new horticulture training and services center, with young entrepreneurs called "AVENIR" agents.

New report on horticulture in Guinea, after Ebola

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In the wake of the Ebola outbreak, the Horticulture Innovation Lab was asked to evaluate fruit and vegetable production in Guinea, as part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s ongoing response in the region.