Fruit and vegetable production

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Investigating integrated vegetable-livestock systems in Cambodia

Led by Jessie Vipham,
The goal of this project is to understand how integrated animal-horticulture systems are most feasible for smallholders by rigorously addressing — through interdisciplinary research — the potential of these systems with regard to sustainable production capacity, income generation, and gender dimensions.

Assessing feasibility of pest-exclusion nets in Kenya

Led by William "Vance" Baird,

Research results show that using AgroNets (also known as Eco-Friendly Nets) in vegetable production leads to increased yields of marketable produce, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the


Establishing GIS data for horticultural projects in Malawi

Led by Darcy Boellstorff,

Led by Darcy Boellstorff of Bridgewater State University, this project's international team is focused on acquiring needed geographic information for use in a geographic information system (GIS) re