2012 Annual Meeting

When: February 8-12, 2012
Where: Bangkok, Thailand

Invited to participate in the 2012 annual meeting were the management entity team, Pilot Project Principal investigators (PIs) and collaborators, Comprehensive Project PIs and collaborators, International Advisory Board, and invited speakers and guests. 

The event also included an opening ceremony for Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Center at Kasetsart University on Feb. 8, 2012 (at that time the center was called the "Horticulture CRSP Regional Center of Innovation at Kasetsart University"). 

The objectives of the events are:

  • update Horticulture Innovation Lab partners on activities and program evaluation
  • develop greater understanding of current Horticulture Innovation Lab projects
  • provide feedback to projects
  • foster Feed the Future alignment and provide direction to Horticulture Innovation Lab management entity


  • Wednesday, February 8: Center of Innovation Grand Opening
  • Thursday through Saturday, February 9-11: Conference and Tour
  • Sunday, February 12: International Advisory Board Meeting (by invitation only)

The venue for the event was Kamphol Adulavidhaya Meeting Room at Kasetsart Golden Jubilee Administration and Information Center, Kasetsart University at Bangkhen Campus.