Archie Jarman

Archie Jarman, portrait
Program Officer
Based In
Davis, California (USA)

As program officer, Archie Jarman manages the Horticulture Innovation Lab's Regional Centers and also its Demonstration Center at UC Davis.  Archie also manages the program's environmental mitigation and monitoring plans (EMMP) and initial environmental examinations (IEE) implementation, Piestar navigation, and TraiNet.

He is currently pursuing a master's degree in International Agricultural Development at UC Davis.

Prior to working at UC Davis, Archie was the manager of three USAID awards at Arcadia Biosciences in Davis, California, focused on staple crops — rice and wheat — and transgenic approaches to addressing abiotic stresses. He also worked as an intern at the Millennium Villages Project at the Earth Institute at Columbia University.  Previously, he started an NGO with a close friend in Quito, Ecuador, that still is promoting access to education to children of pastoral families who recently moved to the city. He also worked with the Foundation For the People of Burma to implement a malaria suppression program, construct a small hydro-electric dam, and develop an English lesson curriculum.  Mixed in there, Archie was a firefighter in Asheville, North Carolina; a dishwasher in Cork, Ireland; and worked in grip and lighting for movies and photos.

As a graduate student, Archie's thesis focused on whether social safety nets have an impact on reducing stunting in Brazil, Ethiopia, and Mexico — three locations where large-scale safety-net programs were recently implemented. He holds a master's degree in International Social Welfare Policy from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree from UC Santa Cruz.


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