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Horticulture Innovation Lab in Central America

How Fruit and Vegetable Research Can Impact Poverty in Central America - Map with descriptions of projects in Guatemala and Honduras
Flyer about the Horticulture Innovation Lab's work in Central America in 2017, download PDF to print: horticulture-innovation-lab-central-america_0.pdf

Since 2012, the Horticulture Innovation Lab has partnered with the Panamerican Agricultural School, Zamorano, with a center in Honduras that serves as a horticultural hub for the region. Find more information about the Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Center at Zamorano.

In 2013 the Horticulture Innovation Lab also conducted an assessment of constraints to horticultural growth in Central America. The results of this assessment were organized into a report called Advancing Horticulture: Assessment of constraints to horticultural sector growth in Central America. Information about the report is available in both Spanish and English.

In 2016, the Horticulture Innovation Lab started a new project in Guatemala called MásRiego (“more irrigation”), with a $3.4 million buy-in from the USAID mission in Guatemala.

You can learn more about the Horticulture Innovation Lab in Central America (PDF) or from the list of current projects below. To learn more about the Horticulture Innovation Lab's recent work in Guatemala specifically, you may want to browse through our recent blog posts related to Guatemala.


Empowering women through horticulture in Honduras

Led by Janelle Larson,

In the Western Highlands of Honduras, families struggle to survive on subsistence agriculture. Poverty and malnutrition rates are high, and take a particularly heavy toll on women and children.


Managing nematodes and soil health in Guatemala

Led by Brent Sipes,
This research team works with smallholder potato farmers in the Western Highlands of Guatemala on integrated technologies for nematode and soil health management, so potato farmers can achieve sustainable yields.

Expanding the floral industry in Honduras

Led by Alan Bennett,

Led by Alan Bennett of UC Davis, this international team supports the ornamental business in Honduras as a means to drive development of a local high-value industry, increase trade, and develop pol



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